Great contemporary painter


When he abandoned the so-called abstract school and those who preceded him, Impressionist and Fauve, he will have yielded enough paintings to possess the financial resources that allow it to isolate themselves to create without depending on anyone. His plan is to go beyond the stage where the human body has become a decorative object invented by MATISSE. Interesting process originally but leading progressivelment to the decorative absurdities, forms without content, which eventually end up on paper painted plastic or cheap tapestries on shedding materials... in a round of infernal idiocy and brutishness where are trained the masses (sic Einstein). He needs control line, source of all sciences and find an independent light. His path, he can commit that by refusing the groups and retreat to become totally independent. Discover the path. Alone in the universe he creates, universe without referent in the known world, intrinsic definition of the abstract universe in which appears the man who dominates, without using the curtains of surrealism.

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